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Surprise proposal | Jana + Thinesh

News: Jana and Thinesh are engaged!

About a month prior to this beauty of a surprise proposal you are about to look at, Thinesh got in touch with me about photographing him popping the question. Always up for an adventure and a challenge, I gratefully accepted and the planning began! First things first, with Jana’s love of the outdoors, we knew the location had to be woodsy. No problem. If you know me, you know that the forest is my sweet spot so I had no shortage of locations in mind. Next, neither of them live in Kingston, but it was a good middle ground to their current dwellings. Perfect! So, after a bunch of phone calls over the course of a couple weeks, we narrowed down a day for the shoot and a day for scouting. Thinesh and I went out and made a plan, then he left me with a teddy bear. Not kidding, read on!

Thinesh is Jana’s Pooh Bear, so what does this romantic do? He goes and builds a custom teddy bear that talks (his recorded voice) when you hug it! Amazing. So here’s the plan, I put the bear in the location where Thinesh would ultimately perform this surprise proposal and then I sit on the adjacent bench…you know, just a random guy enjoying the waterfront view. Once they walk past the bench I dive into the bushes where my camera is stashed and start firing off photos! Jana hugs the teddy bear and laughter ensues. She loves it, but is obviously confused about why the heck they are 2 hours from home in a random conservation area with a custom made teddy bear. Fair enough! Then boom, Thinesh is down on one knee, presenting his bride to be with a ring. She said yes and the rest is history!

After the excitement and solved mysteries, I popped out from my hiding place and we went for a stroll through the woods, making some engagement photos and the usual shennanigans that make up my photoshoot style. Fun times and more exciting times to come with their 2018 wedding.