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I'm Rob. Welcome, stay a while...

So, here are some fun facts: I live in Kingston and photograph weddings all over South-Eastern Ontario, packing the KMs on my Subaru! I live for snowboarding, mountain biking and play-time with my two daughters! My work days are filled with photographing really cool people who have a lust for adventure and the outdoors. I like hoppy beer, BBQing and making photos with couples who aren't scared to hop fences, climb trees or trudge through knee deep snow.

I am a full time photographer with over 9 years of experience, 185+ weddings and countless couples and creative portrait sessions. I won't say that I've seen it all because I'm continually surprised by the rad stuff I get to see and shoot, but I can say that I'm so ready for anything you can throw at me! I am not afraid of the snow or the hot heat of the summer so give me a shout, let’s talk about capturing your wedding day!

I'm often told that people hire me for my ability to capture candid, unscripted moments. All I want is for you to #rememberhowitfelt to be in that moment in time.

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His photos convey movement and emotion in a way that captures all of the warmth and joy in a room.

Annie + Benson

September 2021

Rob captured the feel of the day through wonderfully candid photos. He is an adventurous and creative photographer.

Kirsten + Tomas

June 2015

Rob was able to perfectly capture the happiness that we and our guests felt at our wedding!

Yasna + James

April 2019

REAlly awesome weddings

wedding tips


Let's face it, weddings are a lot of work! Planning, dreaming, logistics, confusion...


Over the last 11 years of photographing weddings, I've learned a lot and have a good handle on the things that have your brain spinning like a top! Check out this section of my blog that has all sorts of tips and things you might want to consider and incorporate as you move through your planning.


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