Active Engagement Session | Nisha + Tom


I’d like to thank social media and prevalence of personal branding for the making of this active engagement session! Over and over again when I meet with new couples I encourage them to think of something they enjoy doing together and do that for the engagement photos, or at least go to a place that has meaning to them as a couple. Why? Because the other thing I always tell my couples is that the engagement photos are only a little bit about the photos. Gahhh, what?! Yup, it’s really about the connections we make together and the experience of being photographed so that on your wedding day, you’re not weirded out by the camera. So, choose an environment where you are ultimately comfortable and we’ll make some cool photos together. It doesn’t have to be a sunny afternoon at the park.  It can be. But, it can also be a grey sky day deep in the woods, or in this case, at the top of a bluff!

When Nisha and Tom were pitching ideas for their engagement photos, in response to my recommendation of doing a meaningful activity they suggested doing couples yoga. Immediately, I thought of Kingston Mills as the most beautiful backdrop to compliment their idea. Of course, the clifftop yoga had to start with a hike through the unmarked trail in the forest. So, adventuring we went, making photographs as we hiked along a trail that’s not really a trail along the amazing golden floor thanks to the late autumn tree shed. We made some “traditional” engagement photos and then got into some yoga after a quick wardrobe switch up in nature’s changeroom. Yoga, in itself is naturally inspiring. The gift it gives to your body and mind is unparalleled. But then, do it with your partner and thrown in some breathtaking scenery…well, need I say more?

So, let’s rewind now and bring this full circle. Social Media. The type of couples who hire me know that I live an active lifestyle of biking, snowboarding, hiking, climbing, yoga and raising two little girls who will hopefully continue to identify with the sketchy things I introduce to them. All of that is thanks to social media and the freedom to post photos of my daily activities in the forest. But where it gets even better, a couple of days before the shoot I got an email from Tom: “Hey Rob, I noticed that you do a bunch of climbing at the location where we are doing engagement photos. Nisha and I boulder and were thinking of including that in our shoot, what do you think?” Well my loyal followers, what do you think I said to that request?! It was yet another lesson for me, be clear about who you are, share your adventures and things will work out. I’m more stoked than ever about my career and the types of people who hire me. Now, excuse me while I go and daydream about the impending snowfall and the upcoming snowboard season.  …still waiting for someone to hire me to shoot their elopement in a gondola, between ski/snowboard runs. Anyone?