Boudoir Kingston | Ashlee

We all see the world in a different way. Artists, especially, see things differently. Different than the general public and different from the next artist. Mediums to portray that vision aside, the way we “makers” express ourselves with our tools (cameras, brushes, welders, sewing machines) is always going to be different. Ashlee is an artist. Working with other artists is both a gift and cause for anxiety! On one hand, you know that they “get it.” They’ll let you do your thing and trust your vision and process. On the other hand, there’s this overlying stress that you’re being watched. Technique. Approach. Oh crap, I just messed up that shot, did she notice? Oh yeah, just got that shot totally dialled, will she agree? Thankfully, Ashlee is pretty rad and nothing short of the utmost respect for my craft and vision was present that day. We worked together but ultimately, she let this artist loose.

And, I’m glad she did. She rocked it. Here’s what she had to say about the shoot;

“These photos mean so much to me Rob! Not only did you capture my true personality but you did it in a way that made me feel beautiful and not just… exposed! The images turned out better than I had expected because you were able to capture raw moments. You made the images tasteful, honest. I can’t thank you enough, these are treasures for me and I will remember this session for the rest of my life.”
Like artists seeing the same thing in a different way from the next clown with a camera, anyone who’s ever thought about doing a boudoir session also does it for a different reason. We are unique beings and it’s what makes this world such an interesting place to dwell. What is your reason?

In case you were wondering, this legit kimono is from yet another local artist and maker of awesome handmade apparel, Knit Whits Couture.

And, like any good session, it wasn’t all serious. Let’s wrap this one up with a smile!

In conclusion, here’s Ashlee’s caption from the first image she shared on her Instagram feed, a pretty solid testimonial that I’m stoked to share:

“I have no words for how strong and sexy Rob made me feel during our boudoir shoot. Speechless. Seriously, God Damn speechless.”