Engagement Shoot Formula | Steph + Colin

Engagement shoot formula: 1) book date, 2) hope weather doesn’t suck, 3) shoot the photos even if the weather does suck, 4) laugh, 5) get awesome photos. Seriously, it’s as simple as that! I’ve shot more engagement photos than I can count on cloudy days, sunny days, rainy days, snowy days, hot days and cold days and I never postpone a shoot unless the weather is dangerous. Why? Because the weather network lies, but moreover because I’m more focused on the genuine you than I am on what is immediately surrounding you. Your relationship is more important than sunsets, fluffy fluttering snowflakes, mountains or any other idyllic scenario you can think of. Just you, being you and the 5 step formula works!

Confession: I adore shooting at sunset. I love the light. I love the feeling it invokes. I love how it ads a splash of romance to the scene. This is the “hope the weather doesn’t suck” part! But, sometimes it’s cloudy and I always want my couples to know that it’s ok if the weather sucks! But sometimes it doesn’t suck and that was the case for Steph and Colin! It was cloudy all day and spitting rain a little. No problem, focus on the love and forget about the light. Well, we started our stroll into Lemoine’s Point and I was thinking about forest shots that I was going to set up once we got into the woods. Then, the clouds broke, the sun was blasting over the water and everything just lit up! Yay! We spent the majority of the session on the beach trying to keep our shoes dry while we hit a few different spots, soaking in late afternoon sun. It was amazing and we didn’t even make it into the forest!

If it had ended up being cloudy and misty, I truly believe that the photos would still have held the same impact. They would have shown the same crazy love that these two have for each other. They still would have laughed the whole time and the photos would still have brought us back to how we all felt when we were shooting. It was a really fun time, and the sunset has nothing to do with any of that. So, hope the weather doesn’t suck because sunsets are pretty, but always bring your laughter and love for one another because that trumps any good weather or epic lighting scenario. That said, enjoy these lovely sunset photos 😉