Freezing Cold Winter Engagement | Amanda + Xavier

If you know one thing about Ottawa, you definitely know it’s cold there in the winter. No big deal, we’re tough! Well, a couple weeks ago, it was really cold even by Ottawa standards. It was -45C so we decided to push the winter engagement session to the following day when it was only -20C! Funny how that can feel warm in comparison. Anyway, we met up on one of Ottawa’s greenbelt trails and hiked into the snowy forest, thankfully with a little extra warmth from the sun and a package of hotties in our mitts! Amanda and Xavier’s sense of adventure and willingness to smile and laugh despite teasing frostbite made this session so amazing. Up and down and through the trees, we came out with some really loving and fun photographs. Then, straight home for some piping hot coffee to warm up.

winter engagement, Ottawa_YOW_engagement_winter_cold_snow_forest_portrait_sun_laugh

winter engagement, Ottawa_YOW_engagement_winter_snow_forest_portrait_tall_treeswinter engagement, Ottawa_YOW_engagement_winter_cold_snow_forest_portrait_sun_laugh_bluebirdwinter engagement, Ottawa_YOW_engagement_winter_cold_snow_forest_portrait_birchwinter engagement, Ottawa_YOW_engagement_winter_cold_snow_forest_portrait_smilewinter engagement, Ottawa_YOW_engagement_winter_cold_snow_forest_portrait_benchwinter engagement, Ottawa_YOW_engagement_winter_cold_snow_forest_portrait_sunwinter engagement, Ottawa_YOW_engagement_winter_snow_forest_portrait_smilewinter engagement, Ottawa_YOW_engagement_winter_snow_forest_portrait, ottawa wedding photographer