Kingston Boudoir Photographer | Danielle

OK folks, this is a cool one! First of all, Danielle is awesome. After photographing her engagement and wedding photos last year, her first anniversary came around and as a gift to her husband, she got in front of my camera again but this time it was a little different. This time she was nervous for different reasons than she was on her wedding day. We all need to do more things that scare us, it’s healthy and rewarding and such a beautiful way to grow. When we were talking about setting up this shoot, I myself wanted to try something new. I wanted to limit myself with the equipment so that I could focus more on my interaction with the subject. So instead of pulling out the big camera with a line-up of big lenses and flashes, I stripped it back to the basics and used my small, fixed lens, mirrorless camera that I affectionately call my “toy camera.” 1 camera, 1 lens, natural light only. Yikes! Guess what though, it was awesome!

So with less distraction of equipment choice, Danielle and I got to work creating images together. And, just as her comfort level with being photographed increased, so did mine with the limitations of shooting without my pro gear. Enough about equipment though, because who cares, it’s just a tool anyway…let’s talk about how Danielle rocked her shoot and made a really great collection of images to surprise her husband with on their anniversary. While squashing anxious feelings and thoughts about becoming more revealing throughout the shoot, Danielle came through with amazing confidence and her incredible strength came to life in the images.

I’d try to describe it better, but I think her words are more powerful than anything I could come up with, so here it goes – Danielle’s take on her boudoir photography experience:

Boudoir photography. Is it intimidating? Absolutely. Admission time: I have some body image issues, always have. So the idea of a photoshoot in minimal clothing? Eek. So incredibly far out of my comfort zone, even with a photographer I’ve worked with on two previous occasions! But guess what? It was worth it. Despite my nerves and self-consciousness, Rob’s professionalism and amazing energy made me feel so comfortable and confident that the genre and wardrobe really didn’t matter! It doesn’t have to be serious. We laughed, had so much fun and from what I saw of the sneak peaks on the back of the camera made some great images in the process. No matter your reasons, be bold. Dive in and do something that scares you. In doing so, maybe you’ll discover something new about yourself. 

Frick yeah, right?! So there you have it. Be bold! Scare the shit out of yourself! Try new things! We both did that on this shoot and the results, I believe, speak for themselves. I can’t wait for the next shoot with my little toy camera and someone else who’s ready to get outside her comfort zone and crush the tiny little voice in her head. Who’s it gonna be? You?