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Kingston Yacht Club Engagement | Rachel + Eric

kingston-yacht-club-engagement-kyc-ygk-wedding-photographers-rob-whelan-2dThe Kingston Yacht Club, one of YGK perfect little gems! Tucked in to the heart of downtown it brings people together who share a love for floating. Clubs, races and community! It just so happens that Eric is a member at the club so we had access to the docks to wander and make some fun images. Lots of laughter ensued as we cruised around and there was definitely no shortage of really cool and interesting backdrops. But what’s more important was their full on, belly laughs during the whole session! Seriously, these images have so much life and they were a joy to shoot.

Rachel and Eric were down for anything and didn’t bat an eye when I laid on the dock, climbed retaining walls and toyed with complete #fail potential as I leaned over the edge of docks for the right angles. Complete trust. Or maybe they were just so in to each other that they forgot I was there. Yeah, that must be it! I think it is safe to say that my ongoing mission of providing images that bring my couples back to how they felt in that moment in time was a success. What do you think?

And then…it got dark! After wandering the Kingston Yacht Club docks making photos and hoping for an eye piercing sunset, which thanks to clouds never happened, we ended up on the rocks across from the KYC when I popped a flash out and we made a few images in what is affectionately called the “blue hour.” You’ve all heard of Golden Hour right? Well, blue hour is just as special or perhaps more so because it happens right after most people pack up and go home! These images have some serious pop and they’re fun to shoot, especially because the results can be unexpected. Meh, it’s dark, these are going to look like crap….wrong!