How to propose | Laura + Kyle


Wanna know how to propose to your partner? Ask Kyle. No seriously, this dude nailed it! Let me tell you the story about how. After several phone calls between us going over some details, I met up with Kyle a couple weeks before he planned to propose to Laura. We walked through the woods and found the spot he had in mind, a dried out creek bed in the middle of the forest. There was a lot of limestone laying around, which is very Kingston of course, and then he showed me the large piece of rock he had carried into the woods on our walk. On it, he had inscribed “This is our spot, you are my rock, and I…” and he wanted it placed among the other limestone for them to just happen upon during their walk in the woods before heading to PEC for a wine tour. Little did Laura know, the purpose of the walk was for Kyle to propose and the wine tour was to celebrate their brand new engagement. On top of all that, she didn’t know that I’d be there to capture her reaction as Kyle dropped to a knee and asked her the question she had been waiting for. Well played Kyle. Well played!

I have photographed several surprise proposals now and I’m always wowed as to how creative my couples are and the lengths they go to to make it special. More than just a question. Of all the shoots I have the pleasure of doing, shooting a proposal is among the greatest honours. It’s also the biggest adrenaline rush a wedding photographer could ask for! No do overs here!

So that’s the story. It’s a good one. And, the ending is a happy one. But of course, this is not an ending but a beginning. I’m so excited to hear about their wedding plans and see what kind of creative stuff they come up with together.