Waddell Orchard Engagement | Jenn + Luke


Fall is a very popular time to do engagement photos and what better way to showcase this beautiful season than with some apple picking at Waddell Orchard, just north of Kingston. Obviously, Jenn and Luke agree! I always encourage my couples to choose an activity for engagement photos because it helps us stray from the ordinary and moreover it puts them in a more comfortable place to feel like themselves. The chapter in your life that is your engagement is such a happy time, so much to look forward to, so much to celebrate, so much to smile about! So, in my ever continuing quest to make photos that show true feeling and emotion, I want to show said chapter as such. Laugh. Laugh. Smile. Laugh.

As the three of us wandered through the orchard, munching apples, chatting, joking around, it was pretty easy to show the happiness that exists with Jenn and Luke. All teeth, all the time! What a joy to create a set of images with so many unscripted moments in between the direction I gave while setting up what have been coined my signature “posed-candid” portraits.

So, have a scroll, I bet you can’t make it through the set without saying awwwe!, laughing and smiling to yourself as you sit at your desk thinking about how delicious a fresh picked apple would be right now!