Cottage Family Photos | The Birds


Dear people of the world raising children, cottage family photos are the best! Try to think of a time you were at a cottage and didn’t have fun. See, not possible! Now, imagine being 4 years old and having sketchy things to climb on, a lake to jump in, boats, boards, kayaks to play on, a dock to cast a line bringing up sunfish after sunfish after sunfish. Epic. The cottage is about good times and letting go of your routine. It’s about family. With that said, I really can’t think of a better place to photograph your family, especially when you’re the Bird family and you’re down to stray from convention. Yeah, we made some traditional “looking at the camera” photos, but mostly they just played and I documented them having fun.

Some of you who have been following my work over the past few years know that I’m wedding photographer but also photograph families. I never wanted to photograph families in a traditional way, so I started up Active Family Photo. Active Family was all about families that ski & snowboard together and that was super fun to shoot. But, you know, we live in Ontario and there are other ways to be active as a family so I let go of the early vision and have been having so much fun doing active family photography in all 4 seasons. The Active Family weblink is set to deconstruct at the end of the year and all the fun family stuff will live here now. Stick around!

OK, so more about the Birds! Owen grew up sailing and was quick to introduce it to Carissa early on in their relationship. Now they get to give that gift to their children and experience it as a family. I’ve long said that one of my favourite things about being a parent is sharing my passions with my own children. It’s something that I value dearly and when I see my kids riding bikes and ripping down Mont Tremblant on their snowboards, it makes my heart want to explode with glee. I’m going to go ahead and speak for Carissa and Owen and say that they feel the same way.

Right, I’m done rambling. Go sit on the dock and drink a beer! …but first, have scroll through this fun set of cottage family photos.


Fun Fact: The Bird fam rents this very cottage out on AirBnB, sooooo, get on it! Click here to see it