Happy Life Farms | Secretain Family


Being a wedding photographer is an interesting job for so many reasons. One of those reasons is the people I meet on a weekly basis. So many people with different stories, different backgrounds, different views and different ideas of what brings the perfect day together. A couple of years ago I got to shoot a wedding at this really cool venue out in the country, East of Kingston called Happy Life Farms. Nice slice of land, rustic barn and a manicured property. Just right for a party! It’s a family run business and the family who runs it happens to live on the property. They are constantly working on the space, making it better for their wedding clientele and to provide an awesome space for their three children to grow up.

So, their three children, if you haven’t guessed already is the reason for this shoot. Their parents, Marie and Frank, invited me out to the farm one warm August morning to photograph them with their kids on the wedding grounds…err, I mean their front yard! Well, it’s one in the same and what a beautiful thing.

As usual, I didn’t show up guns blazing. Nope, the camera stayed in the bag while I got to know them better and then we eased into it with some play time. We shot the “family formal” but mostly we just strolled the property looking for the next space to make a cute photograph of children at play. We finished up in their apple orchard and all enjoyed some freshies off the tree before parting ways. What a lovely way to spend a summer’s morn.