Ottawa City Hall Wedding | Breanne + Steve


There are no two weddings alike. We’re going to dig into the details of this super special Ottawa City Hall wedding in just a moment, but first let’s talk about how all weddings are unique! Some are big weddings with tons of details and those are awesome. Some are super small and have very few details and those are awesome too. Then, there’s everything in between and those are awesome too. You see, weddings are just awesome, plain and simple. I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph a lot of weddings with people who have taken the time to make their day truly their own. I’ve photographed everything from a couple on a vintage boat, a bride in a black dress, a full bridal party in cow boy boots, bridal portraits in an ice cream shop and even a couple in a canoe. Not because they were trying to be different, but just because they are! It’s so refreshing to be a part of weddings that reflect people’s true personality and style.

So, let’s talk about Breanne and Steve’s Ottawa City Hall wedding. She chose to keep her leather jacket on during the ceremony. Ah-mazingly cool! Oh yeah, and they had 3 people at the ceremony. They wanted to keep it simple, so a simple wedding it was. But, one thing that was no different than any other wedding I’ve shot was the clear presence of happiness. Smiles. My favourite! My goal at any wedding, whether it has 300 guests, or 3 is to make images that help you remember how it felt to be in any given moment. When I scroll through Breanne and Steve’s wedding, I feel like I was there all over again. The huge smiles during the ceremony in that tiny room in City Hall, the all out laughter during portraits in the freezing cold Ottawa air and the genuine laughter and love present during the cocktail reception. All of that. So-damn-special!

Being a part of these small weddings is a real treat and I feel blessed to be welcomed in. You see, when you’re photographing a ceremony in a small room with 6 people in it, it’s pretty hard to be discreet! Breanne and Steve wanted me there and that’s a truly heart-warming feeling. For most of this ceremony, I was within a few feet of the couple and they were so into the moment that I’m guessing they barely noticed me. Perfect! After photographing over 130 weddings, I’ve learned that the closer I can be to my couples, the more you feel what’s happening in the frame. I think this wedding is pretty good proof of that!

So go ahead. Scroll. Enjoy this beautifully small winter wedding, complete with big emotion and real moments between friends and family. That’s what it’s all about folks and I’m so excited to share!