Wintery Engagement Shoot | Hailey + Corey

On a very cold, snowy, windy day in February, Hailey invited me out to her parents house on Howe Island to shoot some engagement photos with her man, Corey. As far as wintery engagement sessions go, this one was pretty dang wintery! We walked through snow drifts, froze our finger tips off and did our best to keep the wind from totally messing up hair dos. And by we, I mean them! I had a nice warm toque, gloves and big winter boots…because well, I don’t need to look good! They did have to look good, and they did. They rocked the weather and together we made some really fun images that tell a story of a couple that is not afraid to get out there in the elements. They kept each other warm, they laughed at/with each other and tried to play it cool when they were literally too cool. They did a fricken good job of it!

After freezing their buns off and even doing some shots with no jackets (braaaave) and humouring me when I would say, oh just one more, they decided to wrap the shoot up in the hot tub. Ahhhhhh, freezing no more! Sipping a little bubbly in the tub after that shoot was well deserved. They invited me to join, but I decided it’d be fun to have some photos in the tub to help them remember what a fun time we had on this mega wintery engagement shoot on Howe Island. Howe-Island_winter_engagement_farm_ygk_Kingston_wedding_photographer_rob_whelan-1Howe-Island_winter_engagement_farm_ygk_Kingston_wedding_photographer_rob_whelan-1Howe-Island_winter_engagement_farm_ygk_Kingston_wedding_photographer_rob_whelan-1Howe-Island_winter_engagement_farm_ygk_Kingston_wedding_photographer_rob_whelan-1Howe-Island_winter_engagement_farm_ygk_Kingston_wedding_photographer_rob_whelan-1Howe-Island_winter_engagement_farm_ygk_Kingston_wedding_photographer_rob_whelan-1Howe-Island_winter_engagement_farm_ygk_Kingston_wedding_photographer_rob_whelan-1Howe-Island_winter_engagement_farm_ygk_Kingston_wedding_photographer_rob_whelan-1Howe-Island_winter_engagement_farm_ygk_Kingston_wedding_photographer_rob_whelan-1Howe-Island_winter_engagement_farm_ygk_Kingston_wedding_photographer_rob_whelan-1Howe-Island_winter_engagement_farm_ygk_Kingston_wedding_photographer_rob_whelan-1Howe-Island_winter_engagement_farm_ygk_Kingston_wedding_photographer_rob_whelan-1