Woodsy Winter Engagement | Kristina + Kevin

This is not just another woodsy winter engagement shoot. I mean it is, but it’s more. A lot of the couples who choose to work with me do so because of my zeal for adventure and my love for the outdoors. They dig my style because it matches theirs. I can’t be sure, but I can say with some certainty that this was the case for Kristina and Kevin. They love the outdoors. They are adventurous. They didn’t think I was totally nuts when I climbed a tree for the right angle. Good fit, I say!

But, like I said, this shoot was about a little bit more. While we did explore the forest trail and we did have some fun getting to know each other while breathing cool crisp air, this shoot was more about Gracie the Labradoodle. She’s the loving family dog that grew up along side Kevin. Ok, so this is a bit sad, but Gracie’s getting on in years and isn’t doing so well. When Kristina and Kevin were coming up with something meaningful to do for their engagement shoot, they decided to do a fun set of photos with their beautiful pooch. A bit of a tribute to her lively spirit, and something they’ll be able to keep close to their hearts as the years pass. The bond people form with their pets is immeasurable and it’s such a pleasure making photos that show that connection. You’ll see, the love is obvious in the photos and you’ll want to kneel down and squeeze Gracie too.

So there you have it. Sorry for the emotional post…wait, no, I’m not sorry! I love this post, these people and the tribute to both their own relationship as well as the one with the family dog. So come on, come on a little adventure in the woods with us!