Intimate Lifestyle Photography | Heather

Intimate lifestyle photography, it’s boudoir, but it’s more. It’s different. It means different things to different people, but let me tell you about my thoughts on it. The term boudoir is not new but the genre has evolved. The vision, my vision, has gone beyond simply being sexy and bright and has ended up in a place where personality, mood and sense of self, both inside and out, is more important than the right outfit. It’s about lifestyle. It’s about putting yourself first. It’s about feeling uncomfortable and then battling through it, becoming a better lover of yourself. It’s about seeing yourself in a way you never imagined or maybe in a way feel you used to be.

When I asked Heather about her intimate lifestyle photography session, she confirmed what I always hope I’m giving women who trust my vision. She said she stepped outside of her comfort zone but it didn’t feel that way in the end. That’s amazing. The intimate lifestyle movement is about smashing comfort zones and being your best self. Then she said this;

I felt totally comfortable and was able to relax and feel confident about my body.

Damn! When I read that, I knew I had done my job. Here’s Heather, kicking the shit out of her comfort zone.

Thank you for reading and appreciating Heather’s point of view.  Here’s some more information about our vision. Have a read and then get in touch, let us help you feel confident about your body.