Snowshoe Engagement | Andrea + Eric

I’m always preaching to my couples, let’s do something that you enjoy doing together for your engagement photos. Enter, the Snowshoe Engagement! Andrea and Eric are outdoor enthusiasts, in fact, Andrea even works in a conservation area, getting to go on daily trogs through the woods on her lunch break. Also being lovers of winter, doing a snowshoe engagement seemed like a no brainer. For me, anything that involves a common interest in winter is a no brainer! So let’s go for a shoe and see what we find.

Well. Then came the storm! The storm of the winter so far. Being a winter-er myself, I was ecstatic when I saw the forecast. SNOW. Lots of snow! My Subaru got me there with no worries and I met up with Andrea and Eric at a cabin back in the woods down a narrowly drivable road thanks to 30+ cm of snow that fell that day. Any day that I get to wear my snow-pants to work is a good day, but on this day I got to wear my snowshoes too!

The snow continued to dump. And dump. And dump. It was glorious and I think we were all pretty happy about it. That leads me to my next point. Andrea and Eric are happy people. Like seriously, full on, belly laughing, happy people! Anybody who has worked with me knows that I interact constantly with my couples to encourage reaction, laughter and natural smiles. I didn’t need to do that with Andrea and Eric because they just laughed the whole time. When I interjected one of my stupid, corny, Dad-jokes, an eruption of laughter occurred and it was just sooooo fun to photograph. There was snowshoeing, snow-angels, snow fights and surprise snow being flung (by me) hehe…see if you can tell which image had the extra, unexpected snow! Have fun scrolling through these snowy, slap-happy photos 🙂