Parrott’s Bay Fall Engagement | Christine + Mike


When the fall colours were absolutely peaking, I had the opportunity to meet up with Christine and Mike at Parrot’s Bay Conservation Area in the evening for a sunset stroll. Just like any fall day, you never really know what you’re going to get with the weather. It was cold and windy that day (surprise, surprise) and even though our goal was sunset light, the sky was blank for the first half of the shoot. Oh well, no big loss because what I tell ALL my couples, the engagement shoot is way more about us getting to know each other and experiencing the creative workflow first hand. So, whatever, we shot photos in the flat light and they were lovely. Most of the shoot was under the forest canopy but I knew there would be some lake views if went just a little further. It was chilly, we already had a ton of good photos so I wasn’t sure it was worth pressing on but we had a pretty good pace going so we decided to go for it. We went for it and then became immediately rewarded when the clouds split and we got some really killer light!

So there you go, when is it not the right decision to hike further? Almost never. Always dig deeper!