Vow Renewal | Karlynn + Wade | Kingston Wedding Photographer


Doing a vow renewal is awesome. I mean, saying your vows in the first place is awesome, but renewing them feels even more real. You’ve been through some sh*t. You’ve been through some inspiring times and maybe some not so inspiring times. But the point is you went through those times together. As a wedding photographer, I’m lucky, I get to hear vows many times a year. I get to hear heartfelt speeches many times a year. I get constant reminders of new love, old love, and all the feels that come with those words. Having witnessed Karlynn and Wade’s vow renewal on a blustery fall afternoon on Kingston’s lakeshore gave me all of those reminders and more. Words of commitment to each other and reminiscing on the past five years of their marriage was really inspiring.

So, this is a cool tidbit, this vow renewal was a surprise to Wade. Wait, what?! Yes, Karlynn orchestrated the whole thing! She got a new dress, got an officiant and hired me to come and capture it. I don’t exactly know how she got Wade to roll up in a fresh suit, but she did! Wade is a photographer himself and when Karlynn asked who he’d recommend as a photographer, under the premise that it was a referral for a friend, it was actually to photograph his own vow renewal. I was honoured to be that guy.

Congratulations on five years of marriage, Karlynn and Wade and I sincerely hope that these photographs bring you back to how it felt to renew your words of love and commitment to each other.