SUP Maternity Session | Alana + Lindsay


The first time I photographed Lindsay and Alana was in the middle of winter for their engagement photos. We rode fatbikes in the snow and made some really fun images. Then it was their bike themed wedding and now they’re having a baby! Holy smokes, that’s exciting. In keeping with the theme of adventurous photoshoots I pitched to them that we go stand up paddleboarding. Wait, what? SUP maternity photos? Is that a thing? Well, it is now!

These girls are always down for adventure and are about to embark on their biggest adventure yet, parenthood. But more about the SUP maternity photos! I mean, I can’t think of a cooler way to photograph and remember this time in their lives. We showed up at the lake just before sunset and shot a bunch of cool stuff as they just paddled around, chatted, cuddled and even managed to stay upright despite the slight chop on the water. Full disclosure, I shot most of the photos from land but did paddle around with them a little bit too. No, I didn’t fall either which is pretty ideal since I wasn’t shooting with a water proof camera. Dumb or impressive, you decide.

At the time of posting this, Alana is 40 weeks pregnant so this baby is going to arrive any day! Wish them well in the comments and stay tuned for the next shoot. Who knows what we’ll dream up with the addition of their little one. Baby sky diving?